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Novi Sad
Restoran Naša Priča

Restoran Naša Priča

Serbian food
  • 100 RSD
    min order
  • 190-250 RSD
    delivery charge
  • 45 min
    delivery time
Restoran Naša Priča


  • Omelette with cheese

    Trappist, 3 eggs

  • Omelette with ham

    Ham, 3 eggs

  • Omelette with bacon

    Bacon, 3 eggs

  • Eggs with barbecue sausage

    Barbecue sausages, 3 eggs

  • Fried egg

    Bacon, 3 eggs

  • Panada

  • French toast

    Tomato, sour cream, Breaded bread

  • Fritters

  • Breakfast Naša priča

    Prosciutto, kulen sausage, bacon, pepper spread ajvar, grilled sausage, 3 eggs


  • Medallions in sauce
    300 gr

    French fries, mushrooms, medallions, sauce

  • Serbian appetizer Naša priča

    Cheese, ham, kulen sausage, cream cheese kajmak, urnebes

  • Grilled mushrooms
    250 gr

    Mushrooms, rice

  • Breaded chees
    200 gr


  • Veal ragu soup

Cooked meals

  • Beans
    350 gr

  • Tripe in gravy
    350 gr

Barbecue - Fish

  • Saslik Naša priča
    350 gr

    French fries, vegetable, three kinds of meat

  • Kebabs
    450 gr

    Onion, french fries

  • Burger patty
    350 gr

    Beef patty, french fries

  • Gourmet burger patty
    350 gr

    Onion, french fries, urnebes

  • Skewers
    350 gr

    French fries

  • White pork steak
    350 gr

    French fries

  • Grilled sausage
    350 gr

    Onion, cream cheese kajmak, french fries

  • Chicken fillet
    350 gr

    French fries

  • Chicken skewers
    350 gr

    Onion, french fries

  • Chichen drumstick
    350 gr

    French fries

  • Serbian fritters
    350 gr

    French fries

  • Mixed meat
    750 gr

    French fries

Meals by order

  • Chicken
    250 gr

    French fries, chicken, vegetable

  • Karadjordje rollat (pork meat)
    300 gr

    French fries, schnitzel stuffed with kajmak cheese, t-sauce

  • Karadjordje rolls (chicken)
    300 gr

    Cheese, french fries, tomato, sour cream

  • Wiener schnitzel
    250 gr

    French fries, t-sauce, breaded pork schnitzel


  • Mixed salad

  • Tomato

  • Cucumber

  • Cabbage

  • Ajvar

  • Hot pepper

  • Grilled pepper

  • Shopska salad

  • Serbian salad

  • Urnebes salad
    100 gr

  • Greek salad

  • Grilled vegetables

  • Kajmak cheese
    100 gr

  • Pomfrit
    200 gr

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