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Novi Sad
Le Piaf

Le Piaf

International food
  • 100 RSD
    min order
  • 170-250 RSD
    delivery charge
  • 40 min
    delivery time
Le Piaf

Popular dishes

  • Burger Le Piaf

    Tomato, iceberg salad, mayonnaise, melted cheese, served with french fries, 3 small burgers

    Order 450 RSD
  • Tost sandwich

    Ham, gouda cheese, sour cream, ketchup, oregano, toasted bread, served with french fries

    Order 270 RSD
  • Sandwich with kulen sausage in bavarian ...

    Order 300 RSD


  • Burger Le Piaf

    Tomato, iceberg salad, mayonnaise, melted cheese, served with french fries, 3 small burgers

    Order 450 RSD
  • Sandwich with prosciutto and mozzarella

    Prosciutto, mozzarella, lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, sour cream, served with french fries

    Order 360 RSD
  • Sandwich with chicken

    Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sour cream, ketchup, chicken file, served with french fries

    Order 330 RSD
  • Tost sandwich

    Ham, gouda cheese, sour cream, ketchup, oregano, toasted bread, served with french fries

    Order 270 RSD
  • Tuna sandwich

    Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tuna, mayonnaise, served with french fries

    Order 280 RSD
  • Sandwich with sausages in bavarian bagel...

    Cream cheese kajmak, gouda cheese, french fries, ketchup, grilled sausage

    Order 300 RSD
  • Sandwich with kulen sausage in bavarian ...

    Order 300 RSD
  • LeCoQ sandwich

    Onion, french fries, chicken drumstick, tomato, carrots, mayonnaise, lemon, cabat

    Order 330 RSD
  • Vege sandwich

    French fries, peppers, zucchini, champignons, olive oil, eggplant, pumpkin butter, cabat

    Order 290 RSD
  • Pork and Spicy sandwich

    French fries, tomato, red onion, mayonnaise, salad, cabat, tabasco, pork neck

    Order 321 RSD
  • Pollo Pomodoro sandwich

    Mozzarella, french fries, chicken, rucola, cherry tomato, olive oil, cabat

    Order 330 RSD
  • Gourmet sandwich

    Kachkaval cheese, smoked ham, french fries, tomato, carrots, pickle, mayonnaise, cabat

    Order 290 RSD


  • Bruschetti "Le Piaf"

    Cheese sauce, brie with grape, almond and blue cheese

    Order 330 RSD
  • Prosciutto plate

    Prosciutto, rucola, cherry tomato, almond, dried cranberries

    Order 750 RSD
  • Cheese plate

    Parmesan, brie cheese, goat cheese, butter, almond, blue cheese, cranberry, toasted bread

    Order 720 RSD
  • "La Piaf" plate

    Prosciutto, mozzarella, sirloin, kulen sausage, parmesan, brie cheese, gouda cheese, cherry tomato, olives, almond, onion jam, cranberry

    Order 1400 RSD
  • Bruschetti with octopus

    Onion, tomato, parsley, olive oil, octopus

    Order 410 RSD
  • Mixed bruschetti

    Cheese, prosciutto, parmesan, peppers, bruschetti, dried tomatoes

    Order 340 RSD

Pottage and soups

  • Chicken soup with noodles

    Order 240 RSD
  • Ragout soup

    Beef meat, carrots, celery

    Order 290 RSD
  • Prawns pottage

    Onion, zucchini, shrimps

    Order 280 RSD

Pasta and risotto

  • Tagliatelle Pomodoro Secco

    Parmesan, chicken, sour cream, pine nuts, dried tomatoes

    Order 680 RSD
  • Tagliatelle with beef steak and forest m...

    Order 750 RSD
  • Gnocchi in 4 kinds of cheese sauce

    Gorgonzola cheese, parmesan, brie cheese, gouda cheese

    Order 690 RSD
  • Gnocchi with prosciutto, rucola and cher...

    Order 690 RSD
  • Tagliatelle Primavera

    Parmesan, turkey, garlic, spinach, sour cream

    Order 650 RSD
  • Risotto with seafood

    Peeled tomatoes, rucola, garlic, seafood, arborio rice

    Order 640 RSD
  • Risotto with chicken and vegetables

    Parmesan, peppers, zucchini, champignons, chicken file, arborio rice

    Order 620 RSD
  • Risotto Funghi di bosco

    Parmesan, garlic, champignons, porcini, oyster mushrooms, arborio rice

    Order 530 RSD
  • Tagliatelle with prawns and porcini

    Mozzarella, garlic, spinach, porcini, tagliatelle, shrimps

    Order 680 RSD
  • Baked penne with dry ham

    Parmesan, gouda cheese, peppers, mushrooms, pene

    Order 620 RSD
  • Baked gnocchi with fillet

    Parmesan, bacon, tomato, rucola, gnocchi, pork fillet

    Order 680 RSD
  • Spaghetti Napoliten

    Parmesan, gouda cheese, spaghetti, tomato sauce

    Order 440 RSD
  • Baked penne with chicken

    Parmesan, gouda cheese, chicken, tomato, sour cream, pene

    Order 590 RSD

Main dishes

  • Steak with mushroom sauce and oyster mus...

    Grilled vegetables, porcini, oyster mushrooms, flavored potatoes, grilled beefsteak

    Order 1500 RSD
  • Beefsteak Pepe verde

    Pene, steak, green pepper sauce

    Order 1550 RSD
  • Enchilada

    Cheese, onion, peppers, zucchini, beans, tortilla, chicken file, sweet corn

    Order 680 RSD
  • Gratinated chicken

    Parmesan, gouda cheese, chicken, garlic, spinach, tortilla, flavored potatoes

    Order 780 RSD
  • Chicken Parma

    Fried chicken with cherry tomato sauce baked with cheese

    Order 760 RSD
  • Indian chicken curry

    Grilled peppers, curry sauce, spicy chicken, spicy rice

    Order 760 RSD
  • Turkey fillet with pumpkin gnocchi

    Cheese, tomato, grilled turkey, butter, pumpkin and sour cream sauce

    Order 820 RSD
  • Teriyaki turkey

    Turkey, peppers, zucchini, rice, breaded onion, ginger, white wine, garlic and soy sauce

    Order 820 RSD
  • Turkey rolls

    Prosciutto, cream cheese kajmak, gouda cheese, turkey fillet, penne with peppers

    Order 880 RSD
  • Medallions made of pork neck

    Gouda cheese, puree, pork neck, chushpajz made of carrots

    Order 640 RSD
  • Grilled pork neck with mushrooms

    Mushrooms, mashed potatoes, sour cream, mustard, pork neck

    Order 620 RSD
  • T-Bone steak Reserve

    Order 2200 RSD
  • Spicy chicken wings

    Chicken wings, lemon, bbq sauce, salad

    Order 390 RSD
  • Chicken Sattombocca

    Prosciutto, white wine, grilled vegetables, sour cream, thyme, grilled chicken, flavored potatoes

    Order 850 RSD
  • Chicken Tokanj

    Onion, pickle, mushrooms sauce, rice, chicken drumstick

    Order 620 RSD
  • Grilled chicken drumstick

    Prosciutto, mushrooms, pine nuts, polenta, chicken drumstick, caramelized onions

    Order 0 RSD

Fish dishes

  • Salmon in orange sauce served with rice

    Olive oil, rosemary, orange, ginger

    Order 1500 RSD
  • Octopus in a mediterranean way

    Tomato, olives, mangel, potato, octopus, lemon

    Order 1590 RSD
  • Squids sichuan

    Vegetable, soy sauce, squids, rice

    Order 620 RSD


  • Greek salad

    Fetta cheese, tomato, cucumber, peppers, red onion, olives, oregano

    Order 320 RSD
  • Caprese salad

    Tomato, rucola, basil, olive oil

    Order 450 RSD
  • Shopska salad

    Fetta cheese, tomato, cucumber, onion

    Order 240 RSD
  • Le Piaf salad

    Parmesan, lettuce, rucola, cherry tomato, pine nuts

    Order 320 RSD
  • Caesar salad

    Parmesan, pancetta, cherry tomato, pickle, anchovies, grilled chicken, mix of salads, mayonnaise dressing, caperi

    Order 580 RSD
  • Salad with grilled turkey and oyster mus...

    Goat cheese, neutral sour cream, cherry tomato, mayonnaise, almond, mix of salads, worcestershire sauce

    Order 670 RSD
  • Salad with roasted prawns

    Vegetable, shrimps, fresh salad

    Order 510 RSD
  • Salad with salmon

    Cherry tomato, lemon, mixed salad, dressing, grilled salmon

    Order 850 RSD
  • Beefsteak salad

    Neutral sour cream, lettuce, iceberg salad, rucola, cherry tomato, cucumber, mustard, steak

    Order 780 RSD


  • Cuver

    4 buns

    Order 99 RSD
  • Turkey fillet
    260 gr

    Order 580 RSD
  • Chicken fillet
    260 gr

    Order 430 RSD
  • Beefsteak
    260 gr

    Order 1000 RSD
  • Salmon
    260 gr

    Order 1200 RSD
  • Gorgonzola sauce

    Order 180 RSD
  • Forest mushroom sauce

    Order 230 RSD
  • Orange sauce

    Order 170 RSD

Side dishes

  • Broccoli

    Order 250 RSD
  • Grilled vegetables

    Order 230 RSD
  • Rice

    Order 170 RSD
  • French fries

    Order 120 RSD
  • Aromatised potatoes

    Order 150 RSD


  • Paradise cake

    Order 360 RSD
  • Chocolate souffle

    Order 380 RSD
  • Vanilla cream

    Order 360 RSD +
  • Chocolate mousse

    Three types of chocolate, cherries

    Order 280 RSD
  • Pear in chocolate

    Chocolate, plasma, vanilla, pear, red wine

    Order 380 RSD
In Novi Sad, there is restaurant of international cuisine - Le Piaf. Whether you are eating a sandwich, omelette or you want to go with an Italian specialty, for whatever you choose, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the diverse selection of food that this restaurant has to offer. In addition to sandwiches and tasty appetizers, main dishes will make your day more beautiful, and by eating fish, at least for a moment, you can feel a breath of sea breeze. In a variety of international dishes, the menu includes also pastas and risottos, and salads that you can try out of several kinds of meat. Foody Club is there to spin the globe and brought to your table your favorite international dishes. Register, order online and receive the desired food and the points that can later be exchanged for free food.... read all
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