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Food for points

Burger iz kvarta

Add 800 pts No points

Egg and bacon burger

Add 950 pts No points
With every order you can order one dish for points and unlimited number of drinks for points.


Sirloin sandwich

Add 200 RSD

Ham sandwich

Add 200 RSD

Kulen sausage sandwich

Add 200 RSD

Fasting sandwich

Add 200 RSD

Green.net sandwich

Add 270 RSD

Sandwich Vegetariano

Add 200 RSD

Tuna sandwich

Add 200 RSD


Pirogue 20 cm

Add 320 RSD

Pirogue 30 cm

Add 650 RSD


Chciken with peanuts

Add 470 RSD

Grilled chicken white meat

French fries, chicken, tomato, bread

Add 400 RSD

Chicken meat in bacon

Bacon, chicken breast, french fries, tomato

Add 470 RSD


Pizza Margharita from 32 cm

Cheese, ketchup

Add 450 RSD +

Pizza Capricciosa from 32 cm

Cheese, ham, champignons, ketchup

Add 600 RSD +

Pizza Madjarica from 32 cm

Cheese, ham, kulen sausage, chilly pepper, champignons, ketchup

Add 650 RSD +

Pizza Frutti di mare from 32 cm

Cheese, champignons, ketchup, seafood

Add 650 RSD +

Pizza Green.net from 32 cm

Cheese, ham, sirloin, kulen sausage, bacon, olives, champignons, sour cream, ketchup

Add 800 RSD +

Pizza Quattro formaggi from 32 cm

Gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, smoked cheese, ketchup, 4 kinds of cheese

Add 750 RSD +

Pizza Cut

Pizza cut capriciossa

Add 150 RSD

Pizza cut kulen sausage

Add 170 RSD


With every burger French fries is gratis

Burger iz kvarta

Add 240 RSD

Hot burger

Add 240 RSD

Egg and bacon burger

Add 280 RSD


Pasta Carbonare

Add 350 RSD

Chicken pasta

Parmesan, neutral sour cream, chicken, zucchini, leek, dried tomatoes, 250gr pasta

Add 400 RSD

Pasta Quattro formaggio

Add 450 RSD

Pasta Fruti di Mare

Add 480 RSD

Salad meals

Caesar salad

Parmesan, bacon, lettuce, tomato, iceberg salad, bread, dressing, blue cabbage

Add 400 RSD

GreenNet salad

Add 420 RSD
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