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International food / Extra points / American food
  • 90 RSD
    min order
  • 190-250 RSD
    delivery charge
  • 40 min
    delivery time
Cousines / Dishes
International food, Extra points, American food / Sandwiches, Pancakes, Burgers, Salads, Extra points
Novi Sad, Njegoševa 8
About restaurant
Foodic is one of the most famous burger store from Novi Sad. For those who are fast food enthusiasts and those who do not have time to wait for food to be cooked, Foodic is here to replace everything you do not like, with quick delivery and good taste. Burgers like from the movie, look good and taste even more. The word burger always associates on fast food, but who can still not kneel before him, we are all a bit of Adam who eat the famous apple. On the menu you can find burgers, sandwiches, chicken, meals, as well as chicken wings that are some like a snack with a movie, and if you do not have anything sweet at home, you can sweeten yourself with sweet pancakes from Foodić. All this what Foodić provides, is just a click from you. Order online via the Foody Club and whatever you want from this restaurant is at your address.... read all