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Novi Sad
Caffe Pizzeria Bajka

Caffe Pizzeria Bajka

International food / Serbian food
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Caffe Pizzeria Bajka


Pizza Capricciosa from 25 cm

Ham, kachkaval cheese, olives, mushrooms

Add 230 RSD +

Pizza Margharitta from 25 cm

Mozzarella, olives, basil, fresh tomato

Add 220 RSD +

Homemade pizza from 25 cm

Cheese, kulen sausage, pancetta, pepperoni, champignons

Add 250 RSD +

Festing pizza from 25 cm

Corn, peppers, olives, champignons, tuna

Add 230 RSD +

Folded pizza 32 cm

Cheese, olives, champignons, pizza ham

Add 450 RSD +

Pizza Quattro gusti from 25 cm

Cheese, prosciutto, kulen sausage, pancetta, olives, pizza ham

Add 300 RSD +

Pizza Quattro formagi from 25 cm

Olives, champignons, 4 kinds of cheese, pizza ham

Add 260 RSD +

Pizza Bajka from 25 cm

Sirloin, kulen sausage, gouda cheese, bacon, peeled tomatoes, egg, olives, sesame, ham, Edge stuffed with cheese and sour cream

Add 320 RSD +


Pasta with ham and mushrooms 250 gr

Add 360 RSD

Pasta Carobanre 250 gr

Add 390 RSD

Pasta Bolognese 250 gr

Add 390 RSD

Pasta Quattro formaggio 250 gr

Add 410 RSD

Pasta with mytilus 250 gr

Add 450 RSD


Classic sandwich

Cheese, ham, sour cream, seasonal salad

Add 170 RSD

Spicy sandwich

Cheese, kulen sausage, sour cream, seasonal salad

Add 180 RSD

Festing sandwich

Tuna, ketchup, fasting mayonnaise, seasonal salad, Festing butter

Add 180 RSD

Bajka sandwich

Sirloin, gouda cheese, egg, sour cream, mayonnaise, seasonal salad

Add 230 RSD


Omelette with ham

Sour cream, bread, seasonal salad, eggs, ham

Add 230 RSD

Omelette with bacon

Bacon, sour cream, bread, seasonal salad, eggs

Add 260 RSD

Omelette with cheese

Cheese, sour cream, bread, seasonal salad, eggs

Add 260 RSD

Fried eggs

Cheese, sour cream, bread, seasonal salad, eggs

Add 220 RSD

Bajka breakfast

Cheese, prosciutto, kulen sausage, sour cream, bread, seasonal salad, eggs

Add 370 RSD

Savoury pancake

Pancake ham, cheese

Add 160 RSD +

Pancake kulen sausage, cheese

Add 160 RSD +

Sweet pancake

Jam pancake

Add 100 RSD +

Pancake eurocream + plazma

Add 140 RSD +

Pancake nutella + plazma

Add 160 RSD +

Pancake Bajka

Ice cream, nutella, Cream cherry

Add 170 RSD +
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