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Serbian food
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Kebabs 400 gr

Add 360 RSD

Burger patty from 200 gr

Add 180 RSD +

Gourmet burger patty from 250 gr

Add 220 RSD +

Meat fritters 400 gr

Add 400 RSD

Stuffed kebabs 300 gr

Add 330 RSD

White steak 200 gr

Add 270 RSD

Rolled steak 400 gr

Add 490 RSD

Smoked steak 200 gr

Add 290 RSD

Smoked peasant steak 200 gr

Add 290 RSD

Pork skewer 200 gr

Add 260 RSD

Smoked ribs with kajmak cheese 400 gr

Add 450 RSD

Liver in a wrap 300 gr

Add 280 RSD

Chicken drumstick 200 gr

Add 220 RSD

Stuffed chicken drumstick 400 gr

Add 460 RSD

Stuffed chicken white meat

Add 460 RSD

Chicken white meat 200 gr

Add 230 RSD

Chicken skewer with bacon 200 gr

Add 260 RSD

Chicken liver with bacon 200 gr

Add 260 RSD

chicken wings from 200 gr

Add 120 RSD +


French fries 200 gr

Add 100 RSD

Albanian salad

Melted paprika, oil, toasted bread, Vegeta

Add 60 RSD

Flat bread

Add 30 RSD

Urnebes 200 gr

Add 180 RSD

Cabbage salad 200 gr

Add 120 RSD

Sopska salad 200 gr

Add 180 RSD

Pepper 1 kom

Add 30 RSD
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