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  • To order from our website, It's necessary to enter your full and correct address for delivery. This step is very important because it helps us to locate precisely the area of delivery and the restaurants that deliver to you!
    There's no your address in the list of results?
    • 1
      If you can't find your address, your building number to be more precise, select the closest possible number
    • 2
      If you live on the address with multiple entrances like Molerova 13G, select the number without extra marking
    • 3
      In both cases it's a MUST writing your full address in the field INSTRUCTION FOR ORDER
    • 4
      If there is no address in the search results, try with the old name of the street if the change had been made.
    • 5
      If there is no still your address in the search results, please contact our Call centar at number +381 63 552 449
    You didn't enter an address on the home page?

    Your delivery address can be entered at the page of all restaurants, as well as on the page of the restaurant from which you want to order food.
    Pay attention to this field if:

    • 1
      you didn't entered the address on the homepage
    • 2
      you wish to check the list of restaurants for the different address for delivery
    • 3
      you wish to check the conditions of delivery for selected restaurant