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Serbian food
  • 1000 RSD
    min order
  • Free
    from 1000 RSD
  • 30 min
    delivery time
Cousines / Dishes
Serbian food / Sandwiches, Grill
Belgrade, Brace Jugovica, 23
About restaurant
The name of this local, Skara – barbeque, should be a hint what you will find here. And they have a barbeque, barbeque and more barbeque. But the most important thing is that this is really juicy and tasty barbeque. They prepare classic barbeque from pork meat, but also barbeque from chicken such as a chicken drumstick, stuffed chicken fillet or rolled chicken skewers. You should definitely try the speciality of the house – Vranje kebab. It consists of kebab, kachkavali cheese and kulen sausage. You know this sounds delicious. As side dish choose kajmak cheese, French fries or French fries, kachkavali cheese and bacon in order to create a perfect meal.
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