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Red Bread

Red Bread

International food / Mediterranean food / Vegetarian food
  • 600 RSD
    min order
  • Free
    from 600 RSD
  • 40 min
    delivery time
Red Bread

Popular dishes

  • Sandwich smoky

    Lettuce, tomato, sour cream, smoked sirloin, homemade smoked cheese

  • Sandwich salsa quesadillas

    Smoked cheese, mexican tortilla, homemade hot salsa

  • Red bread burger
    350 gr

    Veal meat, salad, baked potato, homemade bun, homemade BBQ sauce


  • Muesli with yogurt

    Yogurt, muesli

  • Muesli with milk

    Milk, muesli

  • Muesli with fruit

    Fruits, muesli

  • Scrambled eggs with homemade bread

    2 eggs, homemade bread

  • Porridge with blueberries

    Oat flakes, blueberry

  • Homemade yogurt strawberry juice and gra...

    Yogurt, strawberry sauce, granola


3 eggs

  • Omelet ham

    Ham, tomato

  • Omelet kachkaval cheese

    Kachkaval cheese

  • Omelet homemade cheese and prosciutto

    Prosciutto, homemade cheese

  • Omelet champignons



  • Soup corn and roast pepper
    250 ml

    Roasted pepper, sweet corn

  • Soup carrot and pomorange
    250 ml

    Carrots, orange

  • Soup broccoli and potato
    250 ml

    Potato, broccoli

  • Soup beetroot and horseradish
    250 ml

    Beetroot, horseradish

  • Soup carrot apple and ginger
    250 ml

    Carrots, apple, ginger

  • Soup pumpkin and coriander
    250 ml

    Pumpkin, coriander

  • Soup sweet potato and chilli
    250 ml

    Chili, sweet potato

Hot sandwiches

Homemade bread of dry tomato

  • Sandwich classic

    Ham, kachkaval cheese, homemade spread

  • Sandwich extra classic

    Ham, kachkaval cheese, vegetable, homemade spread

  • Sandwich mediterranean

    Rucola, grilled vegetables

  • Sandwich smoky

    Lettuce, tomato, sour cream, smoked sirloin, homemade smoked cheese

  • Sandwich  ocean

    Kachkaval cheese, seasonal vegetables, tuna, mayonnaise

  • Sandwich mozzarella

    Mozzarella, tomato, rucola, sour cream, homemade pesto

  • Sandwich farmer

    Goat cheese, tomato and onion sweet sauce

  • Sandwich white Italy

    Mozzarella, tomato, chicken file, cream cheese, homemade pesto

  • Sandwich french

    Brie cheese, cranberry sauce

  • Sandwich river

    Lettuce, cucumber, cream cheese, smoked salmon

  • Sandwich Rb club

    Njegushki prosciutto, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, eggs, homemade spread, njegushki cheese

  • Sanwdich New York

    Lettuce, tomato, pickle, steak

  • Sandwich garden

    Grilled vegetables, homemade hummus

  • Sandwich BLT

    Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard

  • Sandwich salsa quesadillas

    Smoked cheese, mexican tortilla, homemade hot salsa

  • Sandwich quesadillas with chicken

    Cheese, grilled chicken, mexican tortilla, homemade hot salsa

  • Sandwich trikolore

    Young cheese, olives, roasted pepper, sour cream


  • Red bread burger
    350 gr

    Veal meat, salad, baked potato, homemade bun, homemade BBQ sauce

Canadian pancakes

  • Canadian pancakes Chocobanana
    15 cm

    Banana, euro cream

  • Canadian pancakes Brunch
    15 cm

    Cheese, ham

  • Canadian pancakes o Canada
    15 cm

    Banana, maple sirup

  • Canadian pancakes Deep forest
    15 cm

    Forest fruits, homemade strawberry sauce

Chicken meat

  • Zucchine chicken meat
    450 gr

    Grilled vegetables, potato, chicken file, zucchini and almond cream sauce

  • Wok chicken
    350 gr

    Carrots, celery, peppers, red onion, vegetable, zucchini, sesame, soy sauce, chopped chicken fillet

  • Bosco chicken
    450 gr

    Grilled vegetables, chicken file, mushroom and prosciutto cream sauce , flambeed with cognac

  • Pesto chicken
    450 gr

    Chicken, tomato, grilled vegetables, potato, homemade pesto, stuffed with mozarella

  • Chicken with teriyaki sauce
    450 gr

    Chicken, rice, ginger flavor


  • Pasta Pomodoro
    from 400 gr

    Mozzarella, olives, basil, tagliatelle, grilled tomatoes homemade sauce

  • Pasta Polpette
    from 400 gr

    Tagliatelle, grilled tomatoes homemade sauce, homemade meatballs

  • Pasta Pinocchio
    400 gr

    4 kinds of cheese sauce, pene

  • Pasta Prosciutto
    400 gr

    Tagliatelle, mushroom and prosciutto cream sauce

  • Pasta Pollo
    500 gr

    Chicken, pene, almond

  • Pasta Pesce
    500 gr

    Tagliatelle, salmon, cream sauce

  • Pasta Primavera
    500 gr

    Njegushki prosciutto, vegetable, pene

  • Pasta Popeye
    400 gr

    Spinach, tagliatelle, cream sauce

  • Pasta Pesto
    400 gr

    Mozzarella, cherry tomato, pene, homemade pesto

  • Pasta Piccante
    350 gr

    Chilly pepper, garlic, spaghetti

  • Homemade Lasagne
    450 gr

  • Homemade vegetarian lasagna
    450 gr

    Peppers, spinach, eggplant, bark for lasagna

Beef steak

  • Beef steak
    450 gr

    Steak, flambeed with cognac and sauce with french mustard

  • Grilled beef steak
    450 gr



  • Grilled salmon
    350 gr

    Grilled vegetables, potato, salmon

  • Salmon with sweet teriyaki sauce
    400 gr

    Salmon, teriyaki sauce, ginger flavor, basmati rice


  • Grilled tortilla chips

    Cheese, peppers, onion, tomato sauce, tortilla chips

  • Hummus with tosted red bread

    Hummus, homemade bread

  • Hummus with vegetables sticks

    Fresh vegetables, hummus


8 pieces

  • Bruschetti tomato and basil
    8 kom

    Tomato, basil

  • Bruschetti grilled vegetables and cream ...
    8 kom

    Grilled vegetables, cream cheese

  • Bruschetti goat cheese and homemade chat...
    8 kom

    Goat cheese

Baked potato

  • Baked potato kachkaval cheese and colesl...
    300 gr

    Kachkaval cheese, baked potatoes, coleslaw

  • Baked potato tuna
    300 gr

    Corn, tuna, mayonnaise, baked potatoes

French fries and salad

  • Homemade french fries
    150 gr

  • Bakers potato

    Host potatoes, homemade BBQ sauce

  • Mixed salad

  • Colslaw salad

    Carrots, cabbage


Served Red bread and garlic

  • Nicoise salad
    400 gr

    Lettuce, tomato, olives, potato, roasted pepper, tuna, eggs, balsamic and olive oil dressing

  • Caesar salad
    300 gr

    Parmesan, lettuce, croutons, chicken file, caesar dressing

  • Greek salad
    400 gr

    Fetta cheese, tomato, cucumber, peppers, red onion, olives

  • Italian salad
    350 gr

    Mozzarella, parmesan, tomato, rucola, olives, basil, homemade dressing

  • Goat Cheeese salad
    450 gr

    Goat cheese, lettuce, rucola, celery, cucumber, peppers, walnuts, apple, raisins, jogurt and garlic dressing

  • Summer salad
    400 gr

    Tomato, cucumber, corn, grilled vegetables, red beans, couscous, roasted pine nuts, homemade salty and sweet sauce

  • Summer salad with grilled salmon
    400 gr

    Tomato, cucumber, corn, grilled vegetables, red beans, couscous, homemade salty and sweet sauce

  • Spicy Mexican salad
    400 gr

    Tomato, cucumber, corn, onion, red beans, balsamic and olive oil dressing, homemade spicy smoked cheese

  • Oriental salad
    300 gr

    Carrots, cucumber, peppers, sesame, noodles, onion, cabbage, fresh ginger, soy slices, oriental sauce with soja

  • Beef steak salad
    450 gr

    Tomato, rucola, cucumber, peppers, red onion, mushrooms, steak, light spicy sauce

  • Red salad
    450 gr

    Goat cheese, bacon, chicken, tomato, rucola, beetroot, pine nuts, sweet sauce, balsamic dressing

  • Spicy Thai salad
    400 gr

    Chicken, carrots, cucumber, peanuts, onion, hot sauce, salad, cabbage

Homemade cookies

  • Carrot cake

  • Brownies with ice cream

  • Apple almond cake with ice cream

  • Cake with chocolate and orange

  • French pie with ice cream

  • Pumpkin cake

  • Cake with apple, urma and ice cream

  • Bejkwel tart with ice cream

    Almond, raspberry

  • Cinnamon rolls

  • The cake white chocolate and raspberries...
    80 gr

  • Cake Black Chocolate and Orange
    80 gr

  • Cake and lemon poppy
    80 gr


Freshly squeezed juices

  • Cleanser
    from 0.3 l

  • Berry Cleanser
    from 0.3 l

    Lemon, strawberry, apple, ginger

  • Sweet dreams
    from 0.3 l

    Pineapple, orange

  • Pearberry
    from 0.3 l

    Raspberry, apple, pear

  • Sun Kiss
    from 0.3 l

    Carrots, apple, orange

  • Red Devil
    from 0.3 l

    Carrots, beetroot, apple

  • Super citrus
    from 0.3 l

    Lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit

  • Orange spice
    from 0.3 l

    Carrots, orange, ginger

  • Multivitamin
    from 0.3 l

    Vegetable, fruit mix

Fruit smoothy and shakes

  • Fragola
    from 0.3 l

    Banana, strawberry, orange juice

  • Tropical dream
    from 0.3 l

    Strawberry, raspberry, pineapple juice

  • Roise
    from 0.3 l

    Banana, raspberry, yogurt, honey

  • Roise spice
    from 0.3 l

    Banana, raspberry, plasma, yogurt, honey, ginger

  • Forest Feast
    from 0.3 l

    Forest fruits, yogurt, honey

  • Apple spice
    from 0.3 l

    Ginger, banana, cinnamon, apple juice

  • Go bananas
    from 0.3 l

    Banana, plasma, ice cream, milk

  • Strawberry delight
    from 0.3 l

    Strawberry, ice cream, milk

  • Chocolate monkey
    from 0.3 l

    Banana, chocolate, ice cream, milk

  • Vanilla ice
    from 0.3 l

    Ice cream, vanilla

  • Green
    from 0.3 l

    Spinach, banana, strawberry, pineapple

  • Blue
    from 0.3 l

    Peanuts, banana, yogurt, honey, milk, blueberry

Homemade specialties

  • Red Bread iced tea
    0.5 l

  • Hot lemonade with ginger
    0.25 l

  • Mojito without alcohol
    0.25 l

  • Homemade ginger soda
    0.3 l

  • Soda from fresh mint and cucumber
    0.3 l

  • Fresh lemonade
    from 0.3 l

  • Homemade Gluhwein mulled wine
    0.25 l


  • Espresso

  • Espresso with milk

  • Filter coffee

  • Cappuccino

  • Caffe latte

  • Skinny latte

  • Soy latte

  • Nescafe

  • Moccaccino

  • Irish coffe

  • Red bread iced coffe
    0.5 l

  • Skinny iced coffee
    0.5 l

  • Soy iced coffee
    0.5 kom

  • Soy iced coffee
    0.5 l

  • Soy Hot Chocolate

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, Red Bread Café bar offers various kinds of delicious and healthy meals. In the menu you can find a meal that will satisfy your needs. Sandwich with chicken fillet, mozzarella, homemade pesto, tomato and cream cheese. Playing with ingredients, sauces and dressings and tastes when eating sandwiches, and salads, as well as soup that red Bread offers. Refresh yourself with a large selection of fruit shakes and smoothies. With Foody Club order your favorite healthy snack and enjoy the ambience of your home or office.... read all
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