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New Marinero

New Marinero

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Mediterranean food
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New Marinero

Meal salads


Mozzarella cheese with fresh basil and tomato

Add 590 RSD

Insalatona di Pollo

Iceberg salad, chicken breast, pancetta and salad dressing

Add 690 RSD

Insalata di Montagna

Fresh spinach, chicken breast, eggs, feta cheese, skinned red pepper and tomato

Add 520 RSD

Insalata Greca con Calamari

Fresh salad with oregano, feta cheese, and grilled squids

Add 640 RSD

Insalata Nizzarda

Tuna in oliv oil, fresh salad, artichoke, olives and quail eggs

Add 790 RSD



Vine rolls with lamb meat and minced beef meat cocked in tomato sauce

Add 350 RSD

Pate di Pesce

Homemade fish pate

Add 420 RSD

Carpaccio di Manzo

Slices of beef with arugula and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Add 620 RSD

Prosciutto Parma e Mozzarella

Parma ham with fresh mozzarella and Sicily kaper

Add 820 RSD

Involtini di Bresaola

Rolled bresaola ham with goat cheese and arugula

Add 490 RSD

Melanzane ala Parmigiana

Eggplant with mozzarella, Parmigiano, tomato sauce baked in oven

Add 480 RSD

Bruschette al Pomodoro

Bruschetti with fresh tomato

Add 210 RSD


Fish sopu La frescura de Danubio

Add 220 RSD

Soup of the day

Add 150 RSD

Pottage of the day

Add 220 RSD


Spaghetti ala Carbonara

Spaghetti, guanciale, egg, Grana Padano cheese

Add 510 RSD

Penne ala Amatriciana

Penne with bacon and Pecorino Romano cheese

Add 540 RSD

Tortelloni al Magro con Burro e Salvia  

Tortelloni stuffed with ricotta cheese spinach on butter and sage

Add 760 RSD

Spaghetti Pomodoro e Basilico

Spaghetti with cherry tomato, fresh basil and olive oil

Add 490 RSD

Tagliatelle al Ragu di Carne

Tagliatelle in sauce with minced meat and tomato

Add 620 RSD

Tagliolini Neri Mare e Monte

Black tagliolini with mixed mushrooms, gamberetti and kaper

Add 890 RSD

From oven


Thin dough, minced beef meat, onion, parsley and lemon

Add 590 RSD

Meat meals

Mediterranee kebabs

Cream cheese kajmak, polenta, Beef kebabs

Add 690 RSD

Sausage Saucisse

Mustard, grilled sausage, homemade potatoes

Add 710 RSD

Pollo ala Cacciatora

Chicken leg in wine sauce with tomato, red onion and olives

Add 760 RSD

Pollo con Speck e Mozzarella

Grilled chicken file with fresh mozzarella cheese and Speck ham

Add 780 RSD

Filleto di Manzo al Pepe Verde

Beef steak in green pepper sauce with potato and herbs

Add 1380 RSD

Filleto di Manzo ala “Rosini”

Beef steak with truffle in red wine sauce with mashed potatos

Add 1450 RSD

File Krsmanovic

Pork file stuffed with cheese in red wine sauce, bacon and mushrooms

Add 960 RSD


Pork kebab with fresh vegetables in homemade bread

Add 690 RSD

Fish meals

Smoked trout fillets grilled

Add 760 RSD

Grilled calamari

Mangel, potato

Add 850 RSD

Polpo ala Gallega

Small pieces of octopus with potato and tomato baked in oven

Add 1180 RSD


Tomato salad

Add 170 RSD

Cabbage salad

Add 150 RSD

Sopska salad

Add 220 RSD

Green salads mix with cherry tomato

Add 230 RSD

Vitamin salad

Add 250 RSD

Modena salad

Parmesan, rucola, cherry tomato, aceto

Add 280 RSD



Add 350 RSD +

Baklava with prunes

Add 250 RSD

Colorful sailor

Add 350 RSD


Add 350 RSD
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