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Mister Wang

Mister Wang

Chinese food
  • 600 RSD
    min order
  • Free
    from 600 RSD
  • 40 min
    delivery time
Mister Wang
Cousines / Dishes
Chinese food / Chicken
Belgrade, Gavrila Principa, 24
About restaurant
Chinese cuisine is rich in spices and very aromatic. Food is prepared in many ways, and it is believed that the Chinese cuisine is the most diverse in the world. Specifically for Chinese food is flavours contrast done in many dishes getting the famous spiciness such as hot - sour and sweet - sour combinations. Chinese Restaurant Mister Wang is located in Belgrade and offers a varied menu, great service and a selection of top quality ingredients that will make your meal enjoyable and you will feel the taste of real Chinese cuisine. You can try meat dishes with a wide selection of interesting and tasty sauces. In addition to meat dishes, the menu also includes dishes with seafood and a large selection of dishes without meat, for lovers of the vegetarian diet. There are also excellent fresh salads, and later you can sweeten yourself with the authentic Chinese delicacies. Take a peek into the world of Chinese specialities and treat your senses.
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