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Serbian food
  • 800 RSD
    min order
  • Free
    from 800 RSD
  • 45 min
    delivery time

Popular dishes

  • Breaded pepper

    Stuffed with cheese

  • Corn bread pie

  • Zucchini

    Zucchini, tzatziki sauce


  • Set bun

    Cream cheese kajmak, egg, sauce

  • Maize porridge


  • French toast

    Cheese, tomato, sour milk

  • Sweet breakfast

    Butter, jam, honey

  • Yogurt

  • Sour milk

Cold appetizers

  • Pepper in sour cream

  • Manufaktura salad

    Cheese, olives, mushrooms, zucchini, sour cream, mustard, croutons

  • Kajmak cheese
    100 gr

  • Tzatziki salad

    Onion, sour cream, fresh cucumber

  • Dolma

    Greek rolls stuffed with rice

  • Russian salad

  • Leek salad

Warm appetizers

  • Baked beans

  • Breaded pepper

    Stuffed with cheese

  • Gibanica

  • Corn bread pie

  • Cabbage pie

  • Paputsaki

    Stuffed eggplant

  • Zucchini

    Zucchini, tzatziki sauce

  • Bouyourdi

    Fetta cheese, tomato, chilly pepper

  • Grilled vegetables

  • Baked potato

  • Zucchini with vegetables

  • Zucchini with cheese

National cuisine as snack

  • Eggplant rolls

  • Leskovac muchkalica

    Spices, vegetable, bun, pork meat

  • Dalmatian pasticada

    Bun, Stuffed beef with garlic and mustard

  • Bean soup

    Bacon, spices, beans, bun, spitz ribs

  • Vojvodina goulash

    Onion, spices, bun, veal meat

  • Hunting schnitzel with plum

    Onion, bacon, mushrooms, bun, pork meat, prunes, wine

  • Sweet cabbage with veal

  • Stuffed zucchini in dill sauce

  • Meatball in tomato sauce

  • Cabbage mousaka

  • Stuffed pepper


  • Serbian salad

    Onion, tomato, cucumber, peppers

  • Sopska salad

    Cheese, onion, tomato, cucumber, peppers

  • Cabbage salad

  • Roasted pepper

  • Roasted hot pepper

  • Garden salad


  • Priotski kackavali cheese
    100 gr

  • Mix sjenickih cheese
    100 gr

    Sheep cheese, cow cheese

  • Sheep cheese from Stara mountain
    100 gr

  • Fruskogorski goat cheese
    100 gr

  • Zlatarski cheese
    100 gr

  • Grilled halumi cheese
    100 gr

    Cheese made of sheep and goat mixed milk

  • Cheese from Sjenica
    100 gr


  • Pazarska sausage
    150 gr

  • Pirotska sausage
    150 gr

Smoked snacks

  • Beef prosciutto
    50 gr

  • Zlatiborski sirloin
    50 gr

  • Dalmatian bacon
    50 gr

  • Vojvodjanska kulen sausage
    50 gr

  • Slavonska kulen sausage
    50 gr

  • Novopazarski sudžuk
    50 gr

  • Kraski prosciutto
    50 gr

  • Crnogorski prosciutto
    50 gr

  • Homemade sausage
    50 gr

Cold plate

  • Zlatibor plate

    Beef prosciutto, white cheese, pork sirloin

  • Pirot plate

    Prosciutto, white cheese, ironed sausage, sirloin from Pirot

  • Thessaloniki plate

    Fetta cheese, olives, sardines, Dolma roll

  • Backa plate

    Goat cheese, kulen sausage from Backa, sausage from Srem

  • Pazar plate

    Sjenica cheese, zlatarski cheese, sudzuk, stelja, tarek


  • Pazarski kebabs
    5 kom

    Potato, bun, veal meat, veal meat

  • Leskovački kebabs
    5 kom

    Potato, bun, veal meat, pork meat

  • Kebabs on kajmak cheese
    5 kom

    Cream cheese kajmak, potato, bun, veal meat, pork meat

  • Banjalucki kebabs
    5 kom

    Potato, bun, veal meat

  • Kebabs with yogurt
    5 kom

    Potato, bun, yogurt, veal meat, pork meat

  • Leskovacki fritters
    150 gr

    Kachkaval cheese, bacon, garlic, bun, melted paprika, veal meat, pork meat

  • Stuffed burger patty

    Cheese, peppers, bun, veal meat, pork meat

  • Leskovac kebabs with bacon

Meals made of meat

  • Smoked ramsteak

  • Smoked pork ribs
    250 gr

    Potato, bun, spitz ribs

  • Pastry with smoked chicken
    150 gr

    Sour cream, grinders, bun, smoked chicken white meat

  • Smoked beefsteak

  • Karadjordje schnitzel

  • Medallions in mushroom sauce

  • Mixed meat for two persons

Meal under the bell

  • Lamb under the bell

    Baked potato

  • Veal under the bell

    Baked potato

  • Turkey under the bell

    Baked potato

Sea food and river fish

  • Pasta with seafood

    White wine, tomato, seafood, pasta

  • Grilled squids

  • Breaded squids

  • Bream saganaki
    1 000 gr

  • Bass
    1 000 gr


  • Apple pie

  • Cherry pie

  • Poppy pie

  • Cream pie

  • Pancake
    2 kom

    Walnuts, jam, honey

  • Rice pudding

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