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Luda kuća Vlajkoviceva

Luda kuća Vlajkoviceva

Chinese food / Vegetarian food
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Luda kuća Vlajkoviceva

Popular dishes

  • Rolls with vegetables
    2 kom

  • Rice noodles with vegetables

  • Rice noodles with chicken

Chicken dishes

  • Chicken with peanuts

  • Chicken with cashew nuts

  • Chicken with almonds

  • Chicken in sichuan sauce

  • Chicken with bamboo

  • Chicken with mushrooms in soy sauce

  • Chicken breasts in bread crumbs with sca...

  • Chicken in curry sauce

  • Chicken with peppers and broccoli

  • Royal chicken

  • Chicken in sweet and sour sauce and pine...

  • Chicken with lemon sauce

Fish dishes and seafood

  • Fillet of hake in sichuan sauce

  • Fillet of hake in tomato sauce

  • Fillet of hake in a curry sauce

  • Fillet oh hake with mushrooms

  • Breaded squids in sichuan sauce

  • Shrimps in sichuan sauce

Rice noodles

  • Rice noodles with vegetables

  • Rice noodles with chicken

  • Rice noodles with pork

  • Rice noodles with beef


  • White rice

  • Rice with eggs

  • Rice with ham, eggs and vegetables

  • Rice with curry

Warm appetizers

  • Rolls with vegetables
    2 kom

  • Vegetables in soy sauce

Beef dishes

  • Beef with leek

  • Beef in sichuan sauce

  • Beef in oyster sauce

  • Breaded beef

  • Beef on hot iron pan

  • Beef with pepperoni

  • Beef in sweet and sour sauce

Pork dishes

  • Breaded slices of pork

  • Pork in sweet and sour sauce

  • Pork with 7 spices

  • Pork in curry sauce

  • Pork in sweet and sour and hot sauce


  • Breaded banana

  • Breaded pineapple


  • Salad with sesame

  • Salad with seaweed

With the help of Foody Club order your favorite Chinese dish. They offer dishes from several kinds of meat, that are prepared in an unusual and tasty sauces and always mixed with fresh vegetables. For lovers of fish and seafood specialties, which are prepared here, for sure will not leave you indifferent. Chinese restaurant Luda kuća is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Belgrade. Meals are made from fresh ingredients and prepared by Chinese chefs who transfer their skills in preparing this delicious cuisine and who make it possible for everyone to try, and also enjoy Chinese delicacies that you are able to order online on Foody Club. This restaurant is special because the menu is rich and varied. You will certainly enjoy every bite.... read all
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