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Il Padrino

Il Padrino

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Italian food
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Il Padrino


All kinds of pasta are cooked in olive oil and come with parmesan.

Al shaffar 500 gr

Ham, gorgonzola cheese, neutral sour cream, parsley, garlic, mushrooms

Add 360 RSD +

Carbonara 500 gr

Pancetta, neutral sour cream, white wine, parsley, garlic

Add 350 RSD +

Bolognese 500 gr

Peeled tomatoes, carrots, celery, parsley, red wine, onion, veal meat

Add 320 RSD +

Picante 500 gr

Pancetta, chicken, peeled tomatoes, red onion, basil, chili sauce, fresh pepper, fresh tomato

Add 390 RSD +

Scarmozo 500 gr

Smoked cheese, neutral sour cream, chicken, stewed mushrooms, fresh pepper, fresh parsley

Add 380 RSD +

Spinaci e pollo 500 gr

Neutral sour cream, white wine, chicken, garlic, spinach, sour cream, fresh parsley

Add 390 RSD +

Arrabbiata 500 gr

Peeled tomatoes, red onion, garlic, fresh pepper, fresh tomato, fresh basil, tricolore

Add 240 RSD +

Quattro formaggi 500 gr

Kachkaval cheese, gorgonzola cheese, parmesan, smoked cheese, neutral sour cream, fresh parsley

Add 380 RSD +

Aglio e olio 500 gr

Parmesan, garlic, olive oil, fresh parsley, dried hot pepper

Add 240 RSD +

Con le cozze 500 gr

White wine, peeled tomatoes, red onion, garlic, chili sauce, mussels, lemon juice, fresh parsley

Add 430 RSD +

Lasagna alla bolognese 350 gr

Kachkaval cheese, peeled tomatoes, bolognese sauce, sour cream, fresh parsley

Add 400 RSD

Con la verdure 500 gr

Peeled tomatoes, red onion, garlic, zucchini, pumpkin, soy sauce, fresh parsley, black mushrooms, fasting pasta by choice, tofu

Add 390 RSD +

Fasting Bolognese 500 gr

Peeled tomatoes, carrots, celery, red wine, onion, fresh basil, soybean, fasting pasta by choice

Add 320 RSD +

Pesto made of pumpkin seed 500 gr

Peeled tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, fresh tomato, fresh basil, fasting pasta by choice, pesto made of pumpkin seed

Add 390 RSD +

Gnocchi con spinachi 500 gr

Garlic, spinach, olive oil, pepper, gnocchi, lemon, lemon peel, lemon oil

Add 370 RSD

Il padrino pasta 500 gr

Kachkaval cheese, parmesan, bacon, neutral sour cream, chicken, garlic, mushrooms, fresh parsley

Add 0 RSD +

Pasta salate

Insalata di pollo 400 gr

Chicken, carrots, sesame, fusilli, apple, pomegranate dressing, cabbage

Add 320 RSD +

Insalata di manzo 400 gr

Veal meat, tomato, carrots, fusilli, apple, gherkins, cabbage, dressing di manzo

Add 340 RSD +

Insalata di cozze 400 gr

Iceberg salad, red onion, olives, olive oil, dill, lemon, mussels, fresh pepper, sweet corn, fasting fusilli

Add 390 RSD +

Pasta dolce-sweet pasta

Cannoli vanilla 120 gr

Walnuts, ricotta cheese, mascarpone, vanilla filling

Add 200 RSD +

Cannoli chocolate 120 gr

Ricotta cheese, mascarpone, chocolate filling

Add 200 RSD +

Creme alla vagnilia 350 gr

White chocolate, minced plazma, vanilla jam, penne rigate

Add 240 RSD +

Gnocci dolci con Nutella 350 gr

Gnocchi, nutella, minced plazma

Add 290 RSD +

Fasting sweet mix 200 gr

Coconut and turkish delight scoop, bajadera, homemade neapolitan wafer

Add 240 RSD +

Cheesecake Gnocchi 350 gr

Topping forest fruit, cheesecake filling, gnocchi breaded in plazma cokie

Add 290 RSD


Sweet Chilli Risotto 400 gr

Chicken, carrots, parsley, garlic, zucchini, soy sauce, rice, fresh pepper, sweet chili sauce

Add 390 RSD

Risotto Sicilia 400 gr

Parmesan, neutral sour cream, white wine, parsley, garlic, spinach, rice, onion, sausage with cheese

Add 390 RSD

Risotto Funghi 400 gr

White wine, tomato, carrots, parsley, garlic, mushrooms, soy sauce, rice, pepper, onion

Add 340 RSD

Savory waffles

Corleone Chicken Waffle 400 gr

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, melted cheese, breaded chicken drumstick

Add 390 RSD +

Tattaglia Chicken Waffle 400 gr

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, melted cheese, breaded chicken breast

Add 390 RSD +

Sandwich Waffle 400 gr

Ham, kachkaval cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sour cream, salami

Add 350 RSD +

Sweer Waffles

Frutti Waffle

Whipped cream, seasonal fruit, vanilla cream, topping forest fruit

Add 290 RSD

Choco Waffle

Whipped cream, nutella, chocolate cream, white chocolate topping

Add 290 RSD


Drinks prizes are not included in minimum order sum for free delivery.

Coca Cola 0.5 l

Add 90 RSD

Coca Cola Zero 0.5 l

Add 90 RSD

Fanta 0.5 l

Add 90 RSD

Next Joy Elder 0.5 l

Add 110 RSD

Next Joy orange 0.5 l

Add 110 RSD

Nestea peach 0.5 l

Add 110 RSD

Ultra Energy 0.25 l

Add 120 RSD

Rosa water 0.5 l

Add 60 RSD

NesCafe 0.25 l

Add 120 RSD

Lemonade 0.25 l

Add 120 RSD

Freshly squeezed orange 0.25 l

Add 150 RSD
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