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Asian Fast food Gong

Asian Fast food Gong

Chinese food
  • 800 RSD
    min order
  • Free
    from 800 RSD
  • 45 min
    delivery time
Asian Fast food Gong

Popular dishes

  • Chicken in spicy sichuan sauce

    Chicken, rice

  • Chicken in sweet and sour sauce

    Chicken, rice

  • Chicken with peanuts

    Chicken, rice, peanuts

Chicken meal

  • Chicken in spicy sichuan sauce

    Chicken, rice

  • Chicken in sweet and sour sauce

    Chicken, rice

  • Chicken with peanuts

    Chicken, rice, peanuts

  • Chicken with cashew

    Chicken, rice, cashew

  • Chicken with almonds

    Chicken, rice, almond

  • Chicken with hazelnut

    Chicken, rice, hazelnut

  • Chicken with pistachios

    Chicken, rice, pistachios

  • Chicken with mushrooms

    Chicken, champignons, rice

  • Chicken with bamboo and chinese mushroom...

    Chicken, mushrooms, rice, bamboo

  • Chicken with broccoli

    Chicken, broccoli, rice

  • Chicken with rice noodles

    Chicken, rice

  • Chicken in curry sauce

    Chicken, rice, curry sauce

  • Royal chicken

    Chicken, rice

  • Wok with chicken and pineapple

    Chicken, rice, pineapple

  • Chicken with vegetables in tikka masala ...

    Chicken, vegetable, rice

  • Crispy chicken with peanuts

    Chicken, rice, peanuts

  • Chichken mix

    Chicken, almond, peanuts, hazelnut, pistachios

  • Smoked chicken in sichuan sauce

    Rice, sichuan sauce, smoked chicken

Pork meat

  • Pork in spicy Sichuan sauce

    Pork meat, rice, sichuan sauce

  • Pork in sweet and sour sauce

    Pork meat, rice

  • Pork in oyster sauce

    Pork meat, oyster sauce

  • Pork in teriyaki sauce

    Pork meat, rice

  • Pork with mushrooms

    Pork meat, champignons, rice

  • Pork with pineapple

    Pork meat, rice, pineapple

  • Fried pork

    Pork meat, rice

  • Pork with rice noodles

    Pork meat, rice

  • Pork with peanuts

    Pork meat, rice, peanuts

  • Pork with bamboo and Chinese mushrooms

    Pork meat, bamboo

  • Chicken with cashew

    Pork meat, rice, cashew

  • Pork with almonds

    Pork meat, rice, almond

  • Pork with hazelnut

    Pork meat, rice, hazelnut

  • Pork with pistachios

    Pork meat, pistachios

  • Pork MIX

    Almond, peanuts, hazelnut, pistachios, walnut

  • Pork with broccoli

Beef meal

  • Veal in spicy Sichuan sauce

    Beef meat, rice

  • Veal in sweet and sour sauce

    Beef meat, rice

  • Veal in oyster sauce

    Beef meat, oyster sauce

  • Veal with pineapple

    Beef meat, rice, pineapple

  • Beef in teriyaki sauce

    Beef meat, rice, teriyaki sauce

  • Veal with rice noodles

    Beef meat, rice

  • Veal with peanuts

    Beef meat, rice, peanuts

  • Beef with cashew

    Beef meat, cashew

  • Beef with almonds

    Beef meat, almond

  • Beef with hazelnut

    Beef meat, hazelnut

  • Beef with bamboo and Chinese mushrooms

    Beef meat, mushrooms, rice, bamboo

  • Beef with pistachios

    Beef meat, pistachios

  • Breaded beef

    Beef meat, rice

  • Beef Mix

    Beef meat, almond, peanuts, hazelnut, pistachios, walnut

  • Veal with mushrooms in hot sichuan sauce...

  • Veal with broccoli

Meals without meat

  • Rice noodles with vegetables in soy sauc...

    Soy sauce, rice

  • Fried eggplant with vegetables in soy sa...

    Vegetable, soy sauce, eggplant

  • Spring rolls

  • Tofu cheese with vegetables in soy sacue...

Ordered meals

  • Grilled chicken meat rice salad

    Chicken, rice, salad

  • Fried chicken mashed potatoes Salad

    Chicken, mashed potatoes, salad

  • Grilled chicken white meat, grilled vege...

  • Wiener schnitzel, french fries, salad

  • French fries


  • Seafood with vegetables in spicy sichuan...

    Vegetable, seafood, sichuan sauce

  • Fried squid with vegetables in szechuan ...

    Vegetable, breaded squids, sichuan sauce

  • Prawns with vegetables in szechuan sauce...

    Vegetable, shrimps, sichuan sauce

  • Fried fillet of fish in sichuan sauce

    Chicken fillet


  • Miso soup with tofu cheese

  • Sweet, sour and hot soup

  • Soup with pamel noodles


  • Chicken chowder

  • Veal chowder


  • White rice

  • Rice with ham eggs and vegetables

  • Rice with eggs

  • Rice with curry sauce


  • Sandwich Index 1

    Ham, kachkaval cheese, pickle, sour cream, ketchup, mayonnaise

  • Sandwich 2

    Ham, kachkaval cheese, mushrooms, pickle, sour cream, ketchup, mayonnaise

  • Chicken sandwich

    Lettuce, tomato, sesame, salad, grilled chicken

  • Serbian sandwich

    Smoked ham, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, ketchup, mayonnaise

  • Zlatiborski sandwich

    Cream cheese kajmak, beef prosciutto, lettuce, tomato

  • Tuna sandwich

    Lettuce, tomato, olives, fasting mayonnaise, tuna


3 eggs

  • Omelette serbian

    Ham, kachkaval cheese, sour cream, ketchup

  • Omelette zlatiborski

    Prosciutto, cream cheese kajmak, tomato

  • Omelette gong

    Olives, mushrooms, pickle

  • Omelette kulen sausage

    Cheese, kulen sausage, tomato

Meal salads

  • Caesar salad

  • Chicken salad

  • Greek salad

  • Sesame salad

American pancake

  • American pancake nutella

    Banana, whipped cream, nutella

  • American pancake honey

    Almond, forest fruits, honey

  • American pancake maple syrup

    Raspberry, maple sirup

  • American pancake marmelada

    Walnuts, jam

Homemade pancakes

  • Pancake nutella


  • Pancake eurocream

    Euro cream

  • Pancake honey


  • Pancake jam


Savory pancakes

  • Pancake ham

    Ham, kachkaval cheese, sour cream

  • Pancake sirloin

    Kachkaval cheese, sirloin, sour cream

  • Pancake prosciutto

    Kachkaval cheese, prosciutto, sour cream

  • Pancake kulen sausage

    Kachkaval cheese, kulen sausage, sour cream


  • Fried banana


  • Fried pineapple


  • Rolls with chocolate


  • Bread roll

  • Flat bread

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